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At this time we are gauging interest in investors' appetite for joining a music royalty fund that will purchase music royalty based assets on behalf of a pool of investors (you!). Music royalties are a great alternative asset class that are not correlated to stock or bond markets.


We may take advantage of the new Crowdsourcing regulation to test the waters on interest before putting a formal offer together. Or we may pool together a bunch of accredited investors.


Please read the information below and fill out the form with your level of investment interest.  If there is enough interest then we will move forward with creating the fund.


In addition, we have gotten a lot of feedback around providing additional insight into the platforms where you can make royalty investments, the offerings coming out and even individual deals. Based on the communities feedback, we are happy to provide more information on each of these areas if the demand is great enough.


It looks like we will also be branching outside of just music into all royalty areas as there are a lot of new opportunities out there to invest in.

Invest in Music Royalties and More

  • Minimum Fund of $1M
  • Regulation A+
  • Anyone Can Invest
  • Used to purchase music royalty assets
  • Pays out Quarterly or Reinvests Earnings

What is the Fund and why join it?

The fund will be focused on purchasing steady income producing music royalties with low investment costs to pay out long term royalty dividends over the life of the copyrights.

Because of the risks involved in buying individual song royalties, which often cost 40-100k each, individual investors must purchase multiple songs to create a diversified portfolio of assets. This would guard against fluctuations of individual songs going in & out of favor on radio and/or streaming. This requires a large pool of capital which most individual investors can't direct towards this Alternative Investment. For this reason, it makes a Music Royalty Fund a great way for individuals to pool their resources to share in the rewards of having a stable pool of music royalties that span genres and market fluctuations over time.  


Having a dedicated Fund manager that has experience in finding, researching and closing royalty deals that maximize returns for investors is key. This would give estimated yearly returns of 8-11% with no correlation to the stock market. Consumers listen to music in good times and bad, year-in and year-out. And the owners of the royalties (you) profit every quarter.


Depending on investor needs, dividends can either be reinvested to purchase more royalty catalogs or distributed back to investors quarterly.

The post below will give some more details on how music royalties work, and why they are an excellent alternative investment. But please fill out the survey below that to indicate your interest in a fund like this.

A group of music and investment fanatics that have been investing in muisc royalties for over 10 years.
We are one of the few who understand music royalties. We have spend years creating a model that can evaluate and forecast music catalogs to only purchase items that have the highest yield potential.
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